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This is a Pathfinder game based in Taldor.

  • mood: stealthy, oppressed, social decay, freedom fighters
  • style: you can expect a balanced amount of exploration, socializing and action; I’d seriously get bored with financing, so don’t expect investment, trading, taxation and the like to play a part in this game
  • Xp is solely based on quests advancing the story, there isn’t any for just killing things
  • PCs are members of the Emerald Shadows, a scout company of House Gluthaan, meaning that they all must have at least 1/3 (rounded up) of their levels as rangers

The characters are a minor noble and its escort sent on a merhant mission to Andoran. Having successfully completed their task, they are on their way home back to Veirford, the Fortress of Towers.

Taldor is what remains from a grand and proud empire. Today, it is a country of decadent remembrance of that time. Most noble houses are entangled in intrigue and petty conflicts, neglecting stability and the people. In the north, it is separated from Galt by the Fog Peaks, in the south, it is protected by a series of forts from its ancient enemy, Quadira.
In the east there are the vast Whistling Plains of Casmaron, the continent east of Avistan. In the west, one sore thorn in the side of Taldor is Andoran, once part of the empire, now a place where there is no nobility, commoners have the same rights as one-time nobles, and merchants and lawmongers rule.

Since Andoran is a rich country, Gluthaan Conara decided to forge mercantile connections with it. This provides the house with gold, social connections, and information on Andoran. A minor noble serving Lord Gluthaan, who is also a member of the Emerald Shadows, was tasked with making a deal with an Andoran merchant in Carpenden, escorted by a group of other scouts of the Emerald Shadows.

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