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  • Veirford

    The home town of the PCs, where the [[Emerald Shadows | Emerald Shadows]] company is based, in service of the fortress' lord, Gluthaan Conara.

  • Carpenden

    It is an agricultural city with 7 rival neighborhoods all claiming to be the founding one. on "PathfinderWiki":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Carpenden

  • Wispil

    A gnomish settlement providing Taldor with timber. Supervised by the druid organisation taking care of the Verduran Forest.

  • Bellis

    Andoran lumber town in the Verduran Forest. Not on good terms with druids, for exploiting the forest for a long time.

  • Taldor

    Taldor is what remains from a grand and proud empire. Today, it is a country of decadent remembrance of that time. Most noble houses are entangled in intrigue and petty conflicts, neglecting stability and the people. In the north, it is separated from …

  • Andoran

    Once part of the Taldan empire, now a country where there is no nobility, commoners have the same rights as one-time nobles, and merchants and lawmongers rule.

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